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Step into the future of pain management with Virtual Reality technologies, redefining industry norms and patient experiences.

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Pain management with Virtual Reality

Experience comfort before, during and after medical procedures through Virtual Reality (VR). VR offers new solutions to pain management, reducing discomfort and anxiety during medical procedures. By immersing yourself in a calming virtual environment, you’ll find that medical procedures become more manageable, with minimal discomfort eliminating the need for excessive medication.


Powerful benefits

The SyncVR all-in-one pain management solution brings you all the benefits to your patients and department. This will make it accessible to improved patient care and enhance your treatments at scale! 

Comes with advantages

Relieve pain

Reduce 33% of your patients pain, discomfort and anxiety as patients are immersed in carefully crafted VR environments. (Jones et al, 2016)

Reduce stress

Emerging into calming and relaxing environments helps to disconnect the mind from the immediate surroundings and external triggers resulting in cortisol and anxiety reduction. (Lee et al, 2012)

Reduce medication

Reduce the need for medication by 93% and lower the risks of side-effects and costs associated with it as well. (Sargut et al, 2022)

Patient using a VR headset during treatment to reduce pain, stress and medication
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A single package solution

SyncVR’s single package solution is an all-in-one solution that ensures you receive a seamless, comprehensive experience tailored to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive package includes all the essentials: top-tier hardware, a diverse selection of VR applications, licences, and expert-led implementation process and support (including VR workshops and recurring evaluations). With this all-in-one solution, you can seamlessly integrate VR into your practice, enabling you to experience the benefits of VR!

What’s included?


With leading applications

Choose any of our curated and clinically validated applications available in the App Store. Each application is carefully tailored to enhance your personal treatment. All available in one platform! Discover the appstore ->

Relax and Distract

SyncVR Relax and Distract comes with VR experiences to reduce pain, alleviate anxiety, and manage stress. Including soothing relaxation exercises, cognitive enhancements and distractive experiences.

Hypno VR

HypnoVR is a clinically validated program based on medical hypnosis. With the use of HypnoVR you can remove the entry barriers and make medical hypnosis available to everyone.

For whom

Available to your specialisation

Step into the future of patient care with our all-in-one solution available to every healthcare professional.







Why it works

Supported by leading scientific research

Research is the backbone of what we do and plays a vital role in developing our solutions. Science is continuing to show the effectiveness of VR

Child wearing virtual reality (VR) headset in hospital


Exploring Virtual Reality in Pediatrics: Investigating impact on Pain and Anxiety

Patient wearing a Virtual Reality (VR) headset during a treatment


Systematic review to compare the effectiveness of VR in reducing acute and chronic pain in adults.

Patient at physiotherapy following a rehabilitation programme wearing a Virtual Reality headset


Meta-analysis to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality Rehabilitation programs. 


Beloved by patients

The use of VR has won the hearts of valued patients all across Europe. Moving stories of cherished patients and the profound impact of VR is what motivates our team every day!
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Our partners believe in the power of Virtual Reality

The compelling potential of virtual reality is endorsed by over 250 of our valued customers.

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More VR solutions

We offer a wide range of VR solutions to help clients improve their patient and staff’s experience.

Mobilisation & Rehabilitation

Faster recovery with VR Mobilization & Rehabilitation

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Education & Training

Learn better, faster with Training & Education in VR.

• Organon
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Do you want to improve pain management during your treatments too?

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