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Improve healthcare with Virtual Reality

We’re Europe’s and UK’s leading healthcare Virtual Reality (VR) platform, and we provide bespoke, comprehensive VR solutions for your entire healthcare organisation. Our aim is to simplify and support the implementation process from start to finish.
Healthcare using virtual reality

Stay one step ahead to improve patient outcomes, education and healthcare performance

Discover new ways to increase patient comfort, lower pain medication, enhance rehabilitation and boost education through virtual experiences.
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45 healthcare apps, carefully tailored to your needs

We curate the best XR apps from all around the world, combine them on one central platform and implement XR step-by-step into your whole healthcare organisation.

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Improve staff and patient experience

Unburden staff by reducing workload and providing new ways to de-stress whilst simultaneously boosting patient satisfaction and comfort.

Lower healthcare costs

Decrease the need for pain medications, reduce length of stay in hospital and lower costs of education and training of staff.

Improve patient outcomes

Manage pain more effectively, reduce anxiety and increase involvement of patients in their own health journeys.

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Suitable for 30+ specialties.

Why it works

Supported by leading scientific research

Research is the backbone of what we do and plays a vital role in developing our solutions. Science is continuing to show the effectiveness of VR

Child wearing virtual reality (VR) headset in hospital


Exploring Virtual Reality in Pediatrics: Investigating impact on Pain and Anxiety

Patient wearing a Virtual Reality (VR) headset during a treatment


Systematic review to compare the effectiveness of VR in reducing acute and chronic pain in adults.

Patient at physiotherapy following a rehabilitation programme wearing a Virtual Reality headset


Meta-analysis to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality Rehabilitation programs. 

Trusted by clients

Our clients believe in the power of virtual reality

The compelling potential of virtual reality is endorsed by over 250 of our valued customers.
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